Wedding Videography : How I got started

  I'll give you all a little backstory about my creative self before I get into how and why I am starting to film weddings. I've been creating art since a kid, mainly drawing, painting etc... When I moved to Colorado in 2008, I got my first DSLR that following Christmas. I had no idea how that Canon XS1 would have changed my life dramatically. I soon started college with no knowledge of what to major in. I ended up getting a Bachelor's of Visual Communication & Design with a photo emphasis. Right before I graduated I quit my job at Best Buy of 8 years with no idea or plan of what was ahead. I ended up getting an assisting job with a local photographer and little did I know at the time a videographer as well. 

  I honestly thought I'd be assisting on location with lighting etc.. and then organizing and editing photos when we were back in the office. We did do plenty of that, but I was thrown into the video realm real quick. Not knowing a lick of editing and never using Adobe Premiere Pro, I was given my first task of organizing a week of filming for the Greeley Stampede. Shortly after, he gave me a small creative Fire Poi video to put together that he filmed in his studio the weekend prior. In the next two years I was organizing and doing 95% of the editing for pretty big clients. I still don't consider myself an expert by any means, but the skill set is slowly growing.

  Now lets get into how I actually got started doing wedding video... Sorry about the little backstory but I somehow find it relevant in a way. It was August 2016, my sister in law's wedding was coming up and they asked if I could record the ceremony. I mean Come on, my grandma can do that. I honestly could of been lazy and just shot the ceremony for them, but that's not me and decided to shoot as much of the day as I could. I was also helping run errands and help set up that day too, so as a disclaimer, I didn't spend the full day shooting video (although I wish I did). Creatively and technically speaking I am not as pleased as I want to be with it, but it was literally my first wedding video and I barely had any proper equipment. I had my camera, a wide angle and a macro lens and my bosses Gimbal, which was a godsend that he even let me borrow that. 

  I enjoyed filming during the day and realized it was something I might actually love doing. Once I was back at my computer editing the video was when I realized how just how much I actually did love it. I was having so much fun editing the day together and caught myself numerous times smiling while doing so.  I was just so happy and I've noticed it on the last two weddings I've filmed as well. It's a joy to re-watch those special moments and knowing how much the client will love it in the end as well. It really is satisfying knowing that I amcreating something  so special to them, that they will want to watch it throughout the rest of their lives. 

  Don't get me wrong, it is hard work and a different process than photography. Although I've only filmed three weddings and have no interest in photographing weddings. I think its physically more demanding and stressful in different ways. I've noticed I stress out about getting good audio during the ceremony the most. So far it's turned out great, but each medium has its own worries. Getting creative shots of details is the next hardest part for me, not necessarily because it is difficult it's just finding the time to do it. Even if I'm filming all day, it's hard to squeeze in 30 minutes to an hour just to get some of those creative shots. Every wedding is of course different than others and I think over time I'll be able to fine tune what I need to film better. 

  Enough of my story.. Head over and watch a couple of them if you are interested, the link is below! Also, if you have a future wedding and are interested, please feel free to send me an email or a comment! 

Thanks for reading!